Teahupoo Challenge Promises Huge Swell

The second leg of the 2017 APB World Tour, the Teahupo’o Tahiti Challenge, promises good waves. Large 4m swell predicted.

” The Trials Round will commence on Sunday 23rd. Surf is predicted to be a building 2m swell where 32 contestants from around the world and French Polynesia will compete to gain one of eight positions available into the main event where they will get the chance to take on the top 28 Bodyboarder’s of the World.”

“Jared Houston (ZAF), Mike Stewart (HAW), Ben Player (AUS), Amaury Lavernhe (REU), Tanner McDaniel (HAW), Alex Uranga (BSQ), Dudu Pedra (BRA), Sacha Damjanic (CHI), Angelo Fariare (TAH), Tahurai Henry (TAH), Jeff Hubbard- 2016 Event Champion (HAW) and many more of the worlds greatest athletes will be at the famous “End of the Road” (Teahupo’o) to put on a show in what some media journalists are calling the contest of the decade if the swell is predictors are correct.”

Large 4m swell on its way towards Tahiti Graph by Magicseaweed.com

Event Program:

  • Friday 21st: Opening Ceremony (Teahupo’o Village)
  • Sunday 23rd: Trials Event (Teahupo’o)
  • Monday 24th: Round 1 Main Event (pending conditions)
  • Tuesday 25th: Round 2 and 3 Main Event (pending conditions)
  • Wednesday 26th: Round 4 and Possible Finals (pending conditions)
  • Thursday 27th: Social community day (pending conditions)
  • Friday 28th: Social Project with kids at Teahupo’o. (pending conditions)
  • Saturday 29th: Possible Finals day (pending conditions)
  • Sunday 30th: Possible Finals Day (pending conditions)
  • Monday 1st May: Possible Finals Day (pending conditions)

Don’t forget to tune in for the “live” TV Broadcast:  apbtour.com/live

Source: Teahupoo Challenge Ready to Start – APB Tour

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